The 2nd day of Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody! I hope that you all had a wonderful, joyful and peaceful day yesterday and that it fulfilled all your hopes and wishes. It never ceases to amaze me how we spend so many weeks preparing for Christmas…deciding what you’re going to eat for dinner and then the endless planning and hours of execution that go into it all. That’s not mentioning the frantic last minute rushing around in the shopping center in order to get the last minute gift shopping done, and then there’s the wrapping of presents at 3:00am all in a bid to protect our children for as long as possible from the horrifying realization that Santa doesn’t exist after all. When my girls were still small, that was the case more often than not, but now that they don’t believe in Santa or the tooth fairy anymore, we don’t wait till Christmas eve after they are all asleep to put all the presents under the tree. With us it’s now a gradual process that happens in the last two weeks running up to the big day. My girls still find it incredibly exciting when they see a new present under the tree everyday. They also made the decision that they wanted to stay up as late as they could on Christmas Eve and I was lying in bed feeling very smug, thinking to myself that it was quite all right with me. I love my sleep you see, and the longer they stayed up for, the later they would sleep the next morning, giving me the chance to sleep in too. Mmmm, that plan soon fell through when at 7:30am I felt somebody pulling on my toes saying, ‘Mom, come on wake up…it’s time to open the gifts.’

Needless to say, things haven’t changed one bit in my house over the years. It’s exactly the same when they were little toddlers. I would here the excited pitter patter of three little sets of feet running up the passage. It would be 6:00am and I’d be half awake by the time they were at my bedside…their ecstatic squeals hard to ignore. My eyes would still be closed however, but that didn’t stop them. I remember Rochelle lifting one of my eyelids up with her little finger saying, ‘Wake up mommy.’

Xmas tree

Our Christmas tree.

It’s hard to ignore that one and go back to sleep!

My long winded point is this… there is so much almost unbearable excitement, but then the day seems to absolutely fly by and before you know it, you’re left sighing and staring at the bottom of your Christmas tree which now looks dismally bare without all the presents underneath it. Luckily tradition dictates that we can keep the tree up and all the decorations twinkling until just after New Year right before it’s time to get back to the grindstone.

I made the most of Christmas day this year by getting the fire on the go, burning some cinnamon scented oil, lighting the candles and listening to some Christmas carols while drinking eggnog and basting the turkey.

Today with Christmas now behind us, it was down to celebrating my husbands 46th birthday. For 5 days of the year he and I are precisely the same age, until the 26th December. In a nut shell, he’s only 360 days older than I am. Aside from that though, he is my rock and the wind beneath my wings…honestly. I don’t know how I would’ve come though everything that has been thrown at me for the last 13 years without him. He has truly carried me in the palm of his hands and has always managed to keep a cool head when the tornado has struck, always saying the right things or just keeping quiet and letting me vent when I needed to. He seems to always have the uncanny ability to remain strong and not crumble under the pressure when I need him the most. He is truly my knight in shining armor and the birthday boy!





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