Running in circles.

For me, the last few months have meant running around like a crazed chicken with it’s had cut off! I still clearly remember when I was a little girl, wishing that I could grow up faster. That growing up would be easier because then I could make my own decisions and do exactly what I wanted to. Little did I know in all my naivety however that the older you get, the more complicated and difficult life becomes. Now that I am a married mother with three demanding teenagers, I wish that I could’ve remained 5 years old…for another 10 years!

My eldest daughter Rochelle, who is now 17 undertook ‘The World Challenge’ at school which has meant raising funds on her with the group that she is travelling to Mongolia and China with own for expenditure purposes. Once there, they will travel around the country on foot and horseback, and even assist in building a school. In the meantime, a ludicrous amount of money has been spent on air tickets, equipment and clothing. To add to the mayhem, there has been a last minute stressful scramble to get Chinese and Mongolian visa’s sorted which has involved a mind numbing amount of red tape to slash out way through. Then there has been the vaccinations. The list of them that she’s had to get is as long as my forearm and I haven’t been able to get them all in the town we live in. This forced me to call in a favor with my husband in the middle of a stressful working day, sending him bad tempered and muttering under his breath into Dubai of all places. It is absolutely no use having a GPS in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE for that matter. Not much forethought goes into building the roads here, with future development in mind. The result is never ending, with very chaotic and confusing roadwork’s constantly on the go as they scramble to correct what was in the first place, obviously a very bad idea! The result is that GPS’s simply don’t work. Instead of hearing ‘keep right and take the next exit in 400m’, you hear ‘recalculating, recalculating, recalculating’ until all you want to do is rip the GPS off the windscreen in front of you and toss it out onto the highway, where hopefully it’ll be crushed by a 20 ton truck. If you don’t know where you’re going, you begin to feel like a mouse stuck in an endless maze after a while. My husband absolutely hates the place and only goes into the city if he really has to. After making countless phone calls, I was now sending him in to find some obscure pharmacy that held the only diphtheria and rabies vaccines to be had for miles around.

Luckily for me however, Rochelle is made of tough stuff and didn’t even flinch while receiving any of her previous injections which is very unlike her younger sister Clarice. Where my youngest got her paralyzing fear of needles from I’m still grappling to comprehend. She has had to have blood drawn once every two months, for very strong anti-acne medication that she’s on. It starts in the early morning already, where she will sink down in the middle of the stairs and give me a very forlorn look and say, ‘Mommy I don’t want to do this…I know it’s going to hurt.’

Telling her it’s not going to hurt and that it’s all in her head doesn’t help. Every single time that needle goes in, she passes out. After having to pick her up off the floor several times with my bad back, I insisted that she lie down while it’s done. Doesn’t help. Her eyes still roll back and her head flops to the side while her traumatized brain struggles to process what is happening. I do sympathize with her, I mean nobody likes the feeling of fainting. It really doesn’t feel good, but no wonder she loves to act…she’s such a drama queen. She’s the first person I’ve ever known that faints at the notion of a needle. Yes, I kid you not…on one occasion she fainted before the needle was even inserted.


My needle phobic child.

The joys of motherhood!!!

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