My 45th birthday!

On the 20th (two days ago) I wanted to put a new post up on my blog, but got sidetracked due to the fact that it was my birthday. Now I don’t normally make such a big deal out of it. I’m certainly not one of those people that like too much of a fuss being made, in fact I shy away from that. It’s just that nowadays I see every birthday that I reach as a big achievement. When I was diagnosed with my breast cancer at age 33, I wasn’t too sure whether I would make 35. Then when I reached 35, it was a challenge to reach 40. Now that I’m 45, reaching 50 is my next goal.

my birthday

My 45th birthday celebrations!

On Thursday celebrations began already as I unsuspectingly met with my friends at a new Chinese restaurant that has just opened in our rustic little town where we’re not exactly spoilt for choice on that front. One of my friends only told me that we were meeting there for the last time before the Christmas holidays began. We don’t meet over the festive season or school holidays because too many other arrangements get in the way. Instead if there is a birthday amongst one of us or just because we miss each other and feel like it, we get together. So on Thursday I arrived at the restaurant and only one of my friends had arrived. The others showed up soon afterwards and we ordered food and got stuck into what just happens to be my favorite cuisine. Funny, my friends knew that and I should’ve cottoned on, but didn’t. Towards the end of our meal, two of my pals disappeared from the table and reappeared moments later with a cake, flowers and a gift voucher at a beauty salon. They made me feel so special that day and I’m very lucky that I have the circle of friends I do have.

On Saturday being my actual birthday, I was served breakfast in bed by Jaco and the girls in the form of bacon and eggs. I received some lovely gifts and cards plus another bouquet of flowers. For many women I know, it’s not a good feeling to turn 45 let alone 50, because that comes with age and along with it the beginnings of those dreaded wrinkles. I know this is going to sound sickeningly clichéd, but it really is the truth when I tell you that for me, those wrinkles are very hard earned, and every new one that I might see in the future is a sign that I have made yet another year…that I have managed to beat the grim reaper at his own sick game once again.

Now we can all look forward to Christmas, which like many people is my very favorite time of the year. It’s the time for ginger bread cookies, the smell of cinnamon permeating the house, twinkling Christmas trees, gifts, huddling together in front of the fireplace, delicious turkey and gravy plus all the trimmings. Oh and lets not forget the eggnog and that sinful extra helping of Christmas cake with an extra dollop of decadent brandy sauce.

This year I decided to put the tree and decorations up a week earlier. I thought what the hell. I have the wreath hanging outside on the front door and the Christmas carols are blasting away.

It is the time of year to do a lot of reflection and make New Years resolutions. That said, it makes me wonder why it is that many people have to bump their heads really hard against the wall or have to face their mortality before they really appreciate what they have and all the wonderful occasions that go hand in hand with it, like Easter and Christmas. I’m one of those. If I look back to when I was 30 for example, I took so much for granted and certainly didn’t appreciate the holidays like I do now. As traumatic and horrifying a breast cancer diagnosis is, it also has this uncanny ability to gift you with a clarity of mind and a view on life you might not have otherwise had. It’s almost like a very distorted form of  a blessing in disguise if one could [possibly call it that.

Tomorrow it’s time to transport the turkey from the freezer to the fridge in preparation for our feast on Thursday. So excited!!! I suspect with all the business of preparations and doing all the last minute shopping, I may not get a chance to put another post up until after Christmas. If that is the case, a very blessed Merry Christmas to you all. Peace, joy, happiness and love to you and your families!

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