About my book.

My book ‘From one survivor to another’ has been many years in the making. With two relapses in between, it has taken a little longer than expected to finish. Extensive research and bitter experience has gone into its work. Testimonials and inspirational anecdotes have also been obtained from fellow breast cancer survivors, who have been kind enough to share their personal experiences with me and the world. They too want to help other women who have been diagnosed with this insidious disease.  My own personal experiences have also been inserted into the manuscript wherever relevant, which serve as a parallel throughout. A wide range of topics are discussed such as how to tell your loved ones and children about your diagnosis, chemotherapy and how to handle the side effects as well as reconstructive surgery, doing your research to control the fear factor and equipping yourself to make more informed choices further down the line and how to continue with your life post cancer and if need be, how to come to terms with living with breast cancer. I have aimed to make the book as comprehensive as possible, covering all aspects of the disease in depth.

I have ended it with what will hopefully prove to be an encouraging and inspirational story, which is a journey that I embarked on when I ventured into Antarctica together with 11 other very courageous breast cancer survivors (some of whom have contributed to my book) and in doing so, it was our goal to raise as much awareness as we could possibly muster up.

It has been on two occasions that I have come very close to losing my battle with this disease…once because of protocol (or a lack thereof rather) and the other just sheer negligence. I discuss these incidences at length in my book and I feel very strongly that if lessons can be learnt through them, that it could potentially save many lives.

I am presently seeking to have my book published, but due to some of its timely content I feel it necessary to impart some of the knowledge that I have gained through experience and while doing research for the book with you on this site. There are still some amendments that need to be made to the manuscript, and as soon as that has been done, I will be posting the first few chapters on this site and it will be simultaneously available for purchase if you choose to do so.

Update 10th August 2015: My book has been published and is available in paperback and kindle at: https://www.createspace.com/5468310    

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