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Gratitude, Faith, Joy and Blessings.

Xmas A

Our rooftop abode.

It is at this time of the year during the festive season where we get to spend some treasured quality time with family and friends, after a long and often challenging year that we’re about to put behind us; some of us only too happy to do so. ¬†For me as with many of you, this year hasn’t been without it’s emotional and head scratching moments, but at the same time I am filled with gratitude because it has been a year that has been relatively free of health problems. Yes, I’ve still had to do my monthly marathon runs to the hospital to get my infusion treatments that last a good 6 hours, forcing me to scotch an entire day that I could be at home assisting my kids with their homework, but it’s nothing I’m not used to by now and the staff who take care of me at the hospital that I attend are like my second family now. They get to see me at my worst, but never judge. They are just unfailingly there…always. I am grateful for them and I’m grateful for my treatments. They are what keep me alive for longer and give me more precious time with my family.

In between treatments, I get to spend precious time with family and friends, and do what really brings me joy and happiness. A few nights ago after a particularly hectic week, my husband and I were spending one of our many evenings on the roof deck, catching up on events. We’ve turned the extra space that we have on our roof into our own little piece of heaven; an escape we can run to when things get a little too intense or overwhelming. Discussions inevitably turned to what 2015 has brought into our lives and what the resulting repercussions were. It all made me realize that despite all the obstacles that have been thrown my way due to health issues, my family and I still have so much to be grateful for. In February of next year, I have to undergo my six monthly re-evaluation. I won’t lie to you when I say that I’m afraid of the possible outcome. I have so much planned for this year. I have an audience to build in order to promote my book and increase my sales. I have to add though that for me in this instance, my book is not about making money (although that would be nice considering all the work and research I put into it), but it is more about helping other people. My daughter and I are going to Hollywood in July to pursue a possible acting career for her since being spotted by talent scouts. We have a long overdue holiday back in our home country that we’ve already committed to in August. If my body has other plans, then all of that goes flying out the window. These tests in February have to come out clean.

Xmas B

Christmas! My favorite time of year.

In the meantime, good fortune fell very unexpectedly into my lap two weeks ago when I was commissioned by an airline to write an article for their in-flight magazine. This may seem small to some, but for me it’s an important stepping stone in building a writing career for myself, especially when the long term is not guaranteed for me.

While the ride lasts I have promised myself to make the most of every single day and moment that I am given. I will be forcing myself to step out of my comfort zone and grab opportunities that I would normally be too scared to reach out and seize. Less technology and more books, more nutritious food and less junk, regular gym sessions, more water, more acceptance of myself, more candlelit foam baths with a delicious glass of wine, more fun times with my family, more getting out there and having exciting adventures but most of all, less fear and more faith…more faith that no matter what happens in the future it is all going to be okay.

I hope that you all had a blessed Christmas and I wish you all the best that 2016 could possible bring you and more than you could ever hope for. Light, love, joy and faith that bring lots of adventures and opportunities which provide you with beautiful, lasting memories.


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